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Why You Should Stop Giving Your All: An Unconventional Take on Self-Care

Alight, so this might be a controversial one

Because we’ve grown up to phrases like: “go to the extra mile, give it your all and don’t give up.”

While I’m not one for sloppy work or being careless,

I have to object to this notion that we should give 100% to everything we do

because I believe that we have to reserve time, energy and space for ourselves.

  • If you allow someone to be your everything, you will lose yourself

  • If you give your all to work, you will burnout

  • If you always go the extra mile, you will run out of gas

And speaking from personal experience, running on empty is no fun

It’s also not great for anyone else too

You are a better mother, daughter, employee, boss, sister, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend etc., when you take care of yourself

And that’s hard to do that if you’ve used up all your fuel on other people, projects or things.

Listen, no one loves massages, scented candles and green juice cleanses like I do.

But the best thing that I’ve added to my self-care routine was cutting back

And I’m sure that doing this will work wonders for you too.

So before you go, ask yourself:

Am I giving too much of myself away?

Where can I cut back and allow 80% to be enough?

P.s. the Life Audit Workbook is a great resource to help you identify what you can cut back on and do less off.

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