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3 Reasons Why Should Prioritize Your Happiness, Personal and Spiritual Growth Today

Today we’re going to talk about 3 reasons why you should

invest in your personal development, work on your spiritual growth and prioritize your happiness, today.

  1. Personal development is the key to fulfilling your potential, becoming your best self, reaching the next level of your success, and having more fun in the process.

  2. Infusing some spirituality in your life makes every single day richer, more meaningful, and exciting. Exploring your spirituality is a life changing journey that adds a layer of wonder to your life that I simply can’t put into words.

  3. I see far too many people putting their happiness on hold - mistakenly thinking that it’s a prize they’ll receive after they achieve their next big level goal. But here’s the thing, if you don’t get intentional about prioritizing your happiness, you’re going to waking up one day and realize that you missed it. You’ll find that you focused on all the wrong things and life passed you by.

If you only take one thing away from this post, let it be this…

True happiness, you know- the one that makes you smile so hard it makes your cheeks hurt- comes from playing the game, not winning the trophy.

The high you feel from

  • getting the championship ring

  • walking across the stage and holding that diploma in your hand

  • winning an award

  • walking down the aisle and

  • getting that promotion

only lasts for a few hours- a couple of days, max.

It’s playing the game- not receiving the ring,

Living the student life and learning about the topic you’re passionate about- not getting the diploma,

making the music- not winning the Grammy,

dating, falling in love, working your way up and creating relationships with your coworkers

that make your heart sing.

It’s the process of becoming that makes life worthwhile.

And the day you learn to stop wishing your process away and begin to truly enjoy the journey,

Is the day that you'll experience the deep and lasting happiness that so many people search all their lives for,

but so few ever find.

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Until the next time,

- Jenine

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