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The Key to Success That Nobody Talks About

This week's topic is about giving up. In particular, we’re talking about giving up on a dream, goal or strategy. Because this happens a lot. 

And as a coach, the #1 reason why I see people giving up on a dream is because they simply don’t give things enough time to work. 

And that’s the message for this week.  Sometimes it’s not the vision, strategy, or action that’s off. Often, the missing ingredient to achieving your goal is patience. 

❌ In a time of instant gratification and the constant push to be faster, better & more efficient We’ve been trained to think that  Slow = Bad ❌

It’s easy to forget that sometimes we simply need to give things time to work. 

And that is why I’m here to remind you to:

  • Have patience. 

  • Keep the faith. 

  • Trust your timing. 

  • and Move in certainty.  (even when the results are discouraging)

I know, easier said than done. 

That’s why this week I’ll be talking about all things patience.  More specially, I’ll be sharing tips that’ll inspire you to trust the timing of your life and keep pushing forward even when the results you’re getting make you feel like throwing in the towel and walking away 

And I’ll be sharing this on Instagram.  So if you haven’t already, you can follow along here. Hope this helped, and looking forward to seeing you there! -xx Jenine 

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