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You Have To Let Go Of The Past In Order To Make Room For Your Future

My coach asked me a question last week that I could not believe I could not answer:

"What are you letting in for the rest of this month. What specific thing do you want?"

I had no answer. To my surprise, all I could think of were the things I needed to let go of and the chapters I needed to end.

And that's when I realized that I'd entered a season of letting go.

Everyone talks about making new goals, having new experiences and achieving new things.

But no one talks about the fact that we have to release the old in order to make room for the new.

By "the old" I'm talking about relationships, thoughts, habits, actions and identities that no longer serve us.

  • We have to free up our mental energy, make time in our schedules and space in our physical surroundings to step into the next phase of our lives.

  • We have to shed old habits, thoughts, and ways of identifying ourselves to become the person who already accomplished the goals and dreams you have for yourself.

In other words, to make room for our future, we must first let go of the past.

Feeling inspired? Great. Answer this question to turn that inspiration into action:

What have you been holding on to that you should really be letting of?

It could be a habit, thing, relationship, identity, something big or small.

Once you've thought of a few answers, I challenge you to pick one thing that you need to release so that you move forward. Then think of a single and specific step that you can take towards letting the thing go, and do it- today.

No matter how small.

The Life Audit is THE perfect thing for this.

Inside this workbook, you'll find 19 Questions to:

  • Reflect on The Person You've Become

  • Take Stock of Your Life and the Direction it's Going in &

  • Identify What You Need to Let Go of in Order to Move Forward, Achieve Your Goals and Infuse More Happiness In Your Life

You grab your free copy below.

Hope this helps!


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The Life Audit

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→ Reflect on the person you've become

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