5 Steps to Forgiveness | Heal from Past Hurts & Move on to Inner Peace

Long story short, I ran into someone that hurt me today.

But instead of anger, sadness, hurt, or animosity, I felt indifference.

There were no flashbacks or waves of emotions.

My day just went on~ I was unbothered. I was at peace.

I had experienced the power and lightness of true forgiveness and here's how you can too.

5 Steps to Heal from Past Hurt and Move On to Inner Peace

1. Cry and Feel the Pain Allow yourself to feel the pain, have a good cry, and get it all out.

Walking around with bottled up emotions leaves you feeling heavy and slows down the healing process.

Give yourself the permission to experience your emotions.

2. Do a Self Esteem Check Situations that require forgiveness often include a blow to your self-esteem in some form. For example:

  • Infidelity- can have you undervalue your beauty or appearance

  • Business betrayals- can have you questioning your intelligence

  • Friendship betrayals- can cause you to become self critical about your personality

If you detect an issue, dedicate the time to rebuilding your confidence in that area.

3. Explore, Learn, and Apply the Lesson There is something to be learned from your experience.

Take the time to reflect and figure out what that lesson is. Once you discover the lesson, apply it to your life. For example, you may be more assertive in demanding respect in your future relationships, more alert in your next business dealing, or more cautious when sharing sensitive information with acquaintances.

4. Document Your Growth and Release the Experience Explore how you've grown from the experience. Identify how the experience has shaped you to become wiser, stronger, braver, more assertive etc.

Stop ruminating over the details and allow the memories to progressively fade away. Take the growth forward and leave the pain in the past.

5. Fix Your Eyes on the Future Something bigger and better is on the way. Make sure that you’re not too busy dwelling on the past to notice the blessings you have coming towards you.

Need help implementing this? Get the Forgiveness Workbook below.

Until next time,

Xx, Jenine