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How To Be More Confident | 4 Practical Tips

  • What's on the other side of your fear?

  • How many times have you postponed a decision or delayed taking action because you’ve raised the bar for yourself yet again?

  • If you had all the confidence in the world and knew that you could not fail, what would you be doing today?

I really encourage you to stop reading for a second and truly think about these questions.

Having confidence in yourself is the key to taking action towards your dreams.

Being self-confident means that you trust your judgements and decisions, and that you are secure in your qualities and abilities.

In other words, self-confidence is simply believing in yourself and trusting your abilities.

4 Reasons Why Self-Confidence Matters

1. It Affects Your Energy and Motivation

Think about the last time you did something that you knew you could not accomplish. From taking a course in a subject that you thought you couldn’t learn, to repairing a relationship that you knew was dead. Working towards a lost cause drain you of your energy and slowly kill your motivation.

Now, compare that to the feeling of working towards something that you knew you would accomplish. Even when things got rough, you still had that inner drive that gave you the energy to push through.

When you truly believe in your ability to accomplish a goal, you will naturally be more motivated to take action towards it.

2. It Affects Your Relationships We all know social interactions are less stressful and more enjoyable when you are confident in yourself, but we often forget the role that self-confidence plays in our established relationships.

The more confident you are in yourself, the more self-assured you will be in your relationships.

When you are self-assured in your relationships, you no longer seek validation in the complements and actions of another person. Self-assurance in your relationships also translates to being more comfortable with setting boundaries and honouring your standards. And last, but definitely not least, being self-confident gives you the freedom and power to walk away from unhealthy relationships with your head held high and the knowledge that you will survive, recover, and be happier in the long run.

3. It Builds Your Resilience Knowing that you’re qualified, valuable and capable means that rejection stings less. Don't get me wrong, it still stings, but it stings less. When you are confident in your ability to succeed, failures become a stepping stone rather than a declaration of your worth. Someone who lacks self-confidence views the word NO differently than someone who is self-assured. With confidence- the word N.O. simply means Next Opportunity.

4. It Increases Your General Happiness and Overall Mood

Think about the last time you felt confident. And I mean really confident. You may have gotten a new haircut, gotten a good review/promotion at work, accomplished something big that you’ve been working towards, or you may have just been having one of those weeks.

Now think of how you wake up in the mornings on those days when you’re fully confident in yourself. Think of the way you carry yourself throughout the day, your outlook on the events happening around you, your overall mood, and the sense of lightness that follows you around.

Having confidence is not only the key to unlocking your dreams but it’s also the secret to enjoying life more.

When you feel good and believe in yourself, you take more chances and get more out of life.

Ready to boost your energy, level up your relationships, strengthen your resilience and feel so good about your self that you feel like Beyonce waking down the street?

Here are 4 practical ways to get started.

4 Ways to Be More Confident In Yourself

1. Dress Like Your Personal Definition of Success This is all about personal preference.  

If wearing bright colours, sunflowers, and jazzy patterns makes you feel like a million bucks, dominate your closet with that.

Vintage clothes your thing?  Then hang your favourite thrift shop finds front and centre in your closet and wear them often.

This is also the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and to update look.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing my own closet spring cleaning and getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit me like a glove and makes me feel 100% confident when wearing it. Basically, if your clothes doesn’t make you say "damn, I look good" when you look in the mirror, take it out of your closet.

2. Exercise Regularly

This doesn't have to be an intense 1 hour weight training and cardio routine.

Start small.

I didn’t put this on the list because of the endorphins and instant mood boost you get from exercising or because of the more obvious reason, which is getting toned and liking what you see in the mirror.

Exercising regularly (and maintaining a healthy diet) made the list because of the empowering effect that taking control of your health has on confidence.

3. Update your goals and build a strength The key to true confidence is growth.

Nothing builds trust in your abilities like stepping outside your comfort zone and emerging successful.

Stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t have to be a daunting thing.

Setting meaningful goals and making moves towards them works perfectly fine.

The key here is to strive for personal growth and to make progress in areas of your life that are important to you.

Develop a skill. Even better, develop 2: a professional and personal strength.

And don’t just stop once you’ve become good at it. Take that skill to the next level and once you’ve conquered it, start building a new one.

Side note: The Life by Design Planner is the Perfect tool for this.

It'll help you to...

  1. Create self-growth, professional, and/or personal goals

  2. Break your goals into simple, actionable steps

  3. Create a roadmap for achieving your

  4. Track your progress and organize your life

You can check it out here.

4. Stand Tall and Speak Slowly

Act as if.

Your body language sets the tone, not only for how others view you, but also for how you feel about yourself.

Walk into the room as if you deserve to be there.

Stand tall, look up, and maintain eye contact.

Speak loudly, slowly, and with a sense of assurance in your voice.

Side note: You may want to practice this with a friend to make sure you don't go overboard and end up speaking in slow motion.

Yes. It’ll be uncomfortable and it’ll feel as though you are faking it at first.

But within 2-3 weeks this will come to you naturally, and not long after you’ll find yourself feeling more calm, cool, collected and confident.

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