3 Steps to Get Yourself Motivated

Three things that you can do to increase your motivation, persevere and stay focused on your goals. 

*This booklet is under 20 pages and includes application questions

so it's a digestible, actionable and light read

that you get to immediately download and apply to your life. 

Here's a Preview of the Steps

Step One

Identify Your Core Reason

The first step is to identify your "Core Why".
This is the reason why you want to achieve your goal.
Now that's nothing new- I know others have talked about this.

The thing that's different about my approach is... 

Step Two

Sell Yourself on The Process

The second step to strengthening your motivation muscle is to sell yourself on the process you're undergoing.

There are two parts to this.
You must first believe that the process you've chosen is going to work, and you must also see....

Step Three

Develop a Sense of Certainty

You must believe that you can successfully take the
necessary steps required to achieve your dream and follow
through on your commitments.

One way to do this is to assume the...

Last Call!

Motivation is the fuel that drives you into action.

Learning how to harness and maintain it is key to
overcoming procrastination, persevering when times get tough,
and, ultimately, achieving your life goals.


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See you on the other side!


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