Jenine  Nicole

Be Happy & Enjoy the Journey

The Life By Design

Workbook & Planner

Have Your Been... 

⇢ Running around in circles

⇢ Checking items off a to-do list with no bigger picture of direction or 

⇢ Feeling disorganized and stuck in the start/stop cycle of your personal projects and dreams

It's Time to Stop

Living Your Life by Default.

The Life by Design Workbook + Planner helps you to

Organize Your Life for Success,

Stop Going Through the Motions and

Start Living Your Life on Purpose.

Part One 

Turning Your Dreams Into Goals

✓ Gain clarity on what you want

✓ Design Your Year 

✓ Transform those desires into clear, actionable and achievable goals.

1️⃣ Step One

Life Audit 

  • Discover if you’re on the right path 

  • Remove the things that aren’t working for you in your life 

  • Spend more time doing the things that bring you
    joy and success

2️⃣ Step Two 

Wheel of Life

  • Get a visual representation of what’s working well in your life
    (and of what needs work)  

  • Gain clarity on what you want to achieve of the next year 

  • Make holistic goals that lead to more balance

3️⃣ Step Three 

Goal Definition 

  • Increase your likelihood of achieving your goals by making
    them SMART


*This is the workbook section of the Life by Design Book. 

Part Two 

Transforming Your Goals into a Reality

This is where the rubber hits the road and 

your book turns into a planner with the following features… 

  1. Planning Room for your Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly Goals 

  2. A weekly planner 

  3. An Accomplished list to track your progress 

  4. Weekly prompts to review your week, stay sharp, and remain focused

  5. An elegantly designed calender of 2020 

Ready to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing?

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Other Fun Features 

2 Cover Pages 

 Pick the one you like the most and simply hit delete to get rid of the other 


Instant Download + Limitless Supply 

We all mess up at some point. 

With this planner, you can reprint any page, put it right back into your folder- and keep it moving.