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From Overwhelmed to Organized, Focused andFlourishing


Hey gorgeous, I’m Jenine and I work with savvy millennials, like you. 

The only problem is that you've been feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or like you're falling behind on your dreams. 

You're ready to take control of your life and step into your success

But, feel stuck in place by the day-to-day pressures, emotions, and expectations that have been weighing you down.

Through coaching, you can become the happiest, most relaxed and successful version of yourself. 

You have the power to take control of your next chapter- starting today.

If you're reading this, then I'm guessing that life has become quite the chaotic storm recently.

You've been under pressure and feeling a bit scattered.


✗ There is so much going on that you simply don’t know where to start or how to pick up the pieces


✗ Life has become one big to-do list and

you are mentally, physically and emotionally drained from trying to juggle it all.


✗ The phrase “life is hard” has never felt so real 

✗ With a million things to do but only 24 hours in the day,

you wake up tired and go to bed stressed 

✗ You find yourself ending the day trying to ignore those feelings of guilt about not getting enough done

And this has left you feeling like you're breathing underwater with your back against the wall.


You Know That Something Has to Change, But… 

✗ You worry that you might just end up making matters even worse ​​

✗ You're scared of giving your all and failing, or

✗  You simply don't feel ready.


You may have even caught yourself wondering,

"Do I really have what it takes to do what needs to be done?"

Sometimes life gets messy, 

But it Doesn’t Have to Stay That Way. 


You have what it takes,
 You will get through this 


And you don’t have to do it alone. 

Not only have I been in your shoes, but

I’ve also helped others, like you, to

get their heads above water, turn their fear into fuel, and take the next step into a brighter future.

Being Overwhelmed Was the Old You

It’s Time to Say Hello

to the Calm, Cool and Collected Version of Yourself.

⇢ How great will it feel to wake up one morning with a smile on your face

and the realization that you’ve made it through.

You not only survived but you’re now thriving

⇢ Picture yourself finally getting rid of that heaviness that’s been sitting on your chest and 

Walking around feeling lighter, on cloud nine and

even with a little peep in your step


⇢ Imagine the sense of pride you’ll feel in knowing that you’re a total badass and

that you can truly take on anything that life throws your way

Coaching Gives You the Time and Space To

Press the Pause Button, Breathe, Unwind and Recharge.

Because with a Calm Mind,

You Can Weather Any Storm


The Overwhelmed to Clarity Program

Here's What We'll Cover

Over the course of 6 weeks, you'll learn how to... 

⇢ Identify the simple yet impactful steps that you can immediately take so that you can

begin seeing real progress in your life by the very next day 

Discover the simple and natural steps to feel better and relieve stress


⇢ Get out of your own way and start making choices that serve your desires 


Press pause, unwind and find the beauty of everyday

⇢ Discover a new way forward with fresh possibilities and a future that inspires you day after day

Replenish your mental, physical and emotional energy 

⇢ Get organized, beat burnout and start enjoying life again

Here's How We'll Do It

6 Weeks and 4 Steps to a Happier and More Relaxed You

Step One |   Strategy 

Map out a step-by-step plan to get your life back in order

so that you can start seeing real progress in your life 

Because it’s time for you to feel good about you again

Step Two |   Balance 

Create boundaries and make practical adjustments in your life so that you can spend your time and energy doing the things that you genuinely enjoy


Step Three |   Mindset

Learn the psychological skills to stay calm when life gets chaotic and carry on when the urge to quit gets real.  



Step Four |  Direction
With everything back on track in your life, it’s time to lay the foundation of your next chapter. 

Figure out what you want out of life and how best to achieve it so that you can confidently move forward knowing that the path you’re on today will make you happy tomorrow.



You'll Get... 

6 Weekly Coaching Calls 
Because accountability is the difference between knowing something and doing what needs to be done 


A customized plan designed to address your specific needs 

Meaning that you will only do the work the will powerfully impact you and create a positive change in your life. 

“Like a breath of fresh air”

Life coaching with Jenine was honestly like a breath of fresh air.

Not only was she knowledgeable and experienced, but also down to earth and comfortable to speak with.


She was able to detect the heart of all the jumbled matters in my life quickly

and wove creative ways to form as well as encourage, motivate, and inspire me to work towards my personal goals.

Tracy L.

Press Pause with Me...

This is your time to hit the pause button, recuperate and gain clarity on how best to move forward. 


With me by your side, you have the unwavering support of:  

⇢ A certified life coach and honors graduate of psychology 

⇢ Someone who’s been there, made it through and became a stronger, more resilient and relaxed person as a result

 Someone who’s dedicated to the past 7 years to developing the skills, tools, and techniques to help you do the same 

⇢ (and The queen of calm 👑)

IMG_2945 2.jpg

But What’s the Thing That Truly Sets Me Apart? 

The fact that I genuinely care. 

Not only do I get you, but I got you. 


Having me as your coach means having support every step of the way. 


Throughout the entire process, I will be in your corner,

⇢ Encouraging you when times get tough 

⇢ Calling you out (in the most loving way possible) so that you stay on track with your goals and 

⇢ Celebrating the little wins that no one else ever seems to notice.

"You Don't Have to See The Whole Staircase

Just Take the First Step"


The Investment

The Overwhelm to Clarity Package is a 6-week coaching program

where you and I will have weekly coaching calls. 

You will get the tools to:

⇢ Naturally relieve stress and infuse your life with balance

⇢ Pick up the pieces, Get your life back in order, and Start seeing real and rapid progress 

⇢ Press pause, unwind and find the beauty in everyday.

So that you can overcome overwhelm, live a more relaxing life and start feeling good again.

The Investment for this program is 

3 monthly payments of 


or 1 payment of 




Currently fully Booked. 

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“I am now confident and focused on my dream”

Jenine is awesome! She was patient, compassionate, and perceptive. She asked guided questions that enabled me to gain a better understanding of my values. Jenine helped me to define my vision and design measurable goals and objectives to be successful within the next two years. After talking with Jenine, I felt empowered and confident knowing that the path that I have chosen is the right one. I am now confident and focused on my dream. Thank you, Jenine

Michael H.

“After the sessions, your path is clear and your goals become reachable”

"I highly recommend that you have coaching sessions with Jenine... during the sessions she dispelled my internal barriers and beliefs that blocked me. After the sessions, your path is clear and your goals become reachable. If you want to develop your inner self with joy and a smile on your face, you’ve come to the right place."

Damian B.

"PLeasant and Friendly"

I loved working with Jenine - she has a pleasant and friendly demeanor and provided a comfortable environment for me to be able to work through some things. She asks thoughtful questions to get you to think from a different perspective. She was able to help me clearly define action steps and hold myself accountable. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Thank you, Jenine!

Becki D.

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xx, Jenine