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w. Jenine Nicole

The Best Life Blueprint

a 3-Week Coaching Program Specifically Designed for Professional 20-Somethings,

to Help You

Figure Out What You Want, Take Control Of Your Next Chapter, and Ultimately Build A Life That You Love Waking Up To

During this 3-week program, you get to press pause so that you can

  • Figure out what you want to do with your life so that you can stop pursuing goals that don’t matter and start living your life on purpose


  • Create a master plan for your life that allows you to start making fast and meaningful progress towards your goals and gain a renewed sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself 

    • Because it’s time to feel good about you, again!


  • Learn the 5-step Cognitive Behavioral technique for overcoming indecision, overwhelm, fear, and self-doubt
    So that you can
    boss up, do what needs to be done, and achieve your life goals.

You have the power to take control of your next chapter 

and over the next three weeks, we'll work together to help you become an even happier and more successful version of yourself. 

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The Best Life Blueprint

3 Session Coaching Package

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